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  • Just doesn't seem right department. Consolation doubles at the 50 hard courts was won by a pair who never hit a single ball. With nine teams entered they won all three of their matches by default.

  • Venue and date change for World Super-Seniors: Umag Croatia, Sept. 12-17 and Sept. 18-25. Likely due to security concerns in Antalya Turkey.

  • Committees being committees and doing what they do (meeting and pronouncing), here's the key point of the most  recent statement by the chair of the Adult Competition Committee:

    "Providing effective communication to current and prospective players and tournament organizers through multiple channels;"

    As though marketing consists merely of stating a principle or two. Ugh!

    How about actual steps to ensure that the appeal of our senior tournaments is really sold to potential candidates — such as league players who've reached sectional or regional playoffs.

    Click here to view prior 2016 committee activity or here to inform the committee or your views.

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