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    Sad news from Morristown NJ as foul weather in the Northeast will prevent the courts from being ready for the May 7-11 dates. The tournament was renamed the Bob Klein Memorial Super Senior Championships earlier this year.

    Click here for the Florida Grand Prix final point standings.

    World Senior Teams, Ulm/Neu-Ulm Germany, Aug 12-18
    Div Rank USA Team Members
    50 Willie Alumbaugh, Eoin Collins (C), Tim Kullick, Fredrik Skoglund
    55 Bill Moss, Stuart Saiki, Michael Tammen (C), Ken White
    60 Maxime Buyckx, Wesley Cash, Ross Persons (C), Mark Vines

    Click here to view numerous match videos of senior men  ̶  provided by subscriber Mike Lammens. The permanent link is listed as Match Videos on the Sites menu.

    Department of old editorials. Beginning doubles play on day one hasn't caught on  ̶  despite the travel benefits offered for destination tournaments (like Cat I's & II's). Arguments in favor: players like to play, day one byes are common, and it's considerably easier to re-schedule an end-of-tournament flight home. So Tournament Directors could (should?) encourage players to register without a partner (with refunds given, of course) to facilitate day one doubles play. Then there's the defribillators vs. the paid "physiotherapist/athletic trainer" issue (as the ITF would have mandated had the committee handed over our tournaments back in 2010-2011).

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