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  • 2017 Schedules (as of Dec. 9):

    Cat I's Cat II's Family Nat'ls Winter Series

    Work on 2017 sectional schedules is underway and I'll be developing them further next week whilst killing daytime during six days of visits to my sons (Grass Valley CA & Sedona AZ). Expect 2016 to be archived and replaced in menus by 2017 around mid-December.

  • Gardnar Mulloy died on November 14 at 102. His NY Times obituary correctly mentions his having won 125 national championships and our investigation into Mulloy's record may well have contributed to the correction of the incorrect but widely-noted total of 129. Click here to view obits.

  • I wrote to Mulloy and then talked twice to him while untangling his record and  reminded him of the time he growled at me for calling a let on a point on the clubhouse court at Forest Hills when his winning position was negated by a wayward ball from the adjacent court.

  • Oops! Just happened to note that George McCabe swept all the 85 gold balls this year: four singles and four doubles (two with Joe Russell and two with Clem Hopp). Nice work, George, who also won a total of 17 from 2008 through 2015. 

    Exciting news from Pinehurst as Jimmy Parker is the new all-time winner of Men's National Championships. Parker has now notched his 126th national championship with a third-set tie break win in the Men's 70 Doubles (with longtime partner Ken Robinson). Earlier this year Parker tied Bob Sherman at 125 with his win at the Super-Senior Father-Son Indoor Doubles. Parker, with a new knee, is now the all-time winner despite trailing others in singles wins (Sherman with 95), doubles wins (Duesler & Nelson with 58 and Nelson with 88) and Father-Son wins (Morse-Karzens with 33). It's Parker's consistency over many events and many years that's carried him to the top.

    Curiously both of Parker's 2016 finals wins were over Mike Stewart in extended third sets (7-6 at Pinehurst in the 70 doubles and 7-5 at the March Father-Son in Cherry Hills NJ).

    Hats off to Tony Franco who's now won back-to-back Grand Slams in Men's 90 singles combined with ten (10!) consecutive doubles titles with longtime partner Grady Nichols (two Men's 85 in 2014 and then Grand Slams in 2015 & 2016). Wow!

World Championship News

  • Congratulations to the Men's 80 team (Gordon Hammes, JB Hayes, Lester Sack & King Van Nostrand) for capturing the Gardnar Mulloy cup and for team member King Van Nostrand for winning both the men's singles and doubles titles in the Individual Championships. Click here for all the team and individual results.

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