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  • Click here to read a worthwhile tennis Wish List for 2017.

    Sad times as Bob (The Sherm) Sherman died at 96 on December 23. Click here for two endearing reports of a life well lived. Ironic that it's just a month after Gardnar Mulloy's passing (at 102) as Sherm won his first gold ball at Gar's expense and then passed Gar's all-time total in 2013 by winning a single, suspect match at Pinehurst. Of course both records were eradicated in October (also at Pinehurst) when Jimmy Parker won his 126th.

  • Work on the third cut of the 2017 sectional schedules is complete. Henceforth I rely on the sharp eyes of subscribers to point out subsequent approvals.

    Something to mention to Tournament Directors (desirable practices for all but district level tournaments):

    Encourage players to enter doubles without a partner (and promise refunds);

    Help unpartnered players pair up before making the draw;

    Begin doubles play on the very first day;

    These practices help players control their travel plans (and expenses) and make for a smoother, more enjoyable tournament.

    Click here for significant 2016 achievements and here for all-time records.

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