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    The  2015 Florida Grand Prix and Palm Springs circuit schedules are now available (Winter Series link, above).  Most sanctions have been approved.

    Click here for the first cut of the 2015 Cat I schedule.  It's complete through June and mostly ok until October.  Note the poor scheduling for 70s & 85s where the clay nationals at Pinehurst conflict with the World Individuals.  Ugh!

    Click here to read a colorful, upbeat obituary of Vic Braden wh0 the NYTimes called "Tennis's Pied Piper."

    Check out George Wachtel's encyclopedic guide ("Senior Tennis: Strokes, Strategies, Rules and Remedies") with a forward by Roy Emerson and called "a must read for serious senior players" by one reviewer.  Kindle edition: $9.63, paperback: $13.04.

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