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    Click here to read how "ESPN lacks commitment to tennis coverage."

    Click here to read a fascinating article about Boris Becker's approach to preparing Djokovic for the US Open (among other things).

  • World Team Championships (Croatia Sept. 21-26) player selections:

    Men's 65s: Michael Beautyman, Padg Bolton, Brian Cheney (C), Owen Robertson

    Men's 70s: Richard Johnson, David Nash, Jody Rush (C), Hugh Thomson

    Men's 75s: Joe Bachmann (C), Rudy Hernando, Bob Quall, Lester Sack

    Men's 80s: Neil Hurlbut, George McCabe (C), John Powless, King Van Nostrand

  • Click here for the obituary of a player/physicist (Howard Brody) who you've probably never heard of but whose research likely affected our games.

    Patience, please. Effort is (and has been) underway to repair the RSS feed in the right panel. Both Google and the ATP Tour site have made changes that disrupted their news updates.

  • 2015 Major Championship Results

    2015 Category I Champions

    2015 Cat I & World Championship Results

    2015 Category II Winners

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