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  • World Young Senior Teams, Umag Croatia, May 1-6
    Div Rank USA Team Members
    35 Marcio Pepe, Stuart Ross (C), Mark Tepes, Alex Wong
    40 Tony Bujan, Michael Chang (C), Chris Groer, Jared Jacobs
    45 Eoin Collins (C), Willie Dann, Kamil Kuchta, Ricardo Mena

    World Senior Teams, Helsinki Finland, June 19-24
    Div Rank USA Team Members
    50 Jeffrey Burnett, Douglas Elly, Mitchell Perkins, Ken White (C)
    55 Alex Behar, Mike Fedderly, Mike Tammen (C), Val Wilder
    60  Chris Bennett, Tom Smith (C), Dan Waldman, Paul Wulf
  • The Adult/Senior Competition Committee (ASCC) Adult Competition Committee (ACC) plans to offer tournament organizers "additional tournament format options...round-robins, compass draws, block-seeding..." in an attempt to woo league players to our faltering senior tournaments.

    While a survey of the more than 50,000 league players rated 4.0 and higher indicated players want "shorter, more economical options" it's unlikely that publicizing already-permitted (and seldom understood) formats would generate increased participation.

    A more productive alternative would be to recruit (and compensate) recognizable senior players to make presentations at sectional league playoffs. Emphasizing the camaraderie and game-improving benefits offered by competing at a higher level would appeal to the competitive natures of at least some of those players. Distributing a schedule of upcoming tournaments would also make a difference.

    Marketing is what's needed.

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