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  • Tournament Directors of the four popular husband-wife championships are surprised (and frustrated) at not being consulted prior to the extension of eligibility to "spousal equivalents." (They're ok with legally recognized civil unions & domestic partners). While the definition makes sense for same-gender couples, should the extension to husband-wife events been done without consultation?

  • The 75 & 80 Grass Nationals will be held at the Wessen Lawn Tennis Club (where mostly all-white clothing is required) in Pontiac MI from August 21 -26. Pontiac is a somewhat out-of-the-way location about an hour's drive northwest of the Detroit Metro Airport. The Wessen Club is an all new facility featuring 24 grass courts. They hosted the 55 & 60 Grass Nationals in 2015 and 2016 and will hold them again this year (September 11-17). Reports I've heard are that tournament management could be improved.

  • Update: initial fee information on the tournament page was incorrect; singles fee will be $135 & doubles $75.

  • Composition of the Super Senior Men's Teams for the October 8-13 World Team Championships at the new USTA facility in Lake Nona FL have been announced (why so soon?):

    65s: David Sivertson, Larry Turville (C), Leonard Wofford, Paul Wulf

    70s: Michael Beautyman, Les Buck, Jimmy Parker, Jody Rush (C)

    75s: Joe Bachmann (C), Fred Drilling, Rudy Hernando, Leland Housman

    80s: Gordon Hammes, J.B. Hayes, Lester Sack (C), King Van Nostrand

    85s: Clem Hopp, George McCabe, John Powless (C), Joe Russell

    Some players are understandably frustrated by a new requirement that interested players file an application. (But why is there an April 15 deadline for an October tournament — with late filing not permitted?) Seems that Lloyd Goldwater and Sol Snyder have legitimate gripes.

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